Why Voltes V Can Kick Voltron's Ass

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Last we heard, some dude named Max Makowski will reportedly be helming the Voltron movie. (Makowski directed a few Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episodes. And yet, we keep an open mind.) The film is allegedly due in theaters in 2010—but that’s a long time, people! In its stead, we’d like to recommend that Super Robot enthusiasts catch up on that more vivid, violent Voltron predecessor, Voltes V—which debuted in 1977 in Japan and ran for 40 episodes. Like Voltron, a number of vehicles (here, five) combine to form an imposing, laser-sword-wielding robot. Said metal-man was constructed by a scientist-spouse earthing duo named Dr. Ned Armstrong and Dr. Mary Ann Armstrong—three of the Volt Machines are piloted by their kids—to fight a gang of horned aliens called the Boazanians bent on taking over…THE WORLD! Now, some important details which will also explain why Voltes V was never released in the States and is arguably way more powerful than Voltron: 1. Early on in the series, the trio of kids witness mom Armstrong dying by sacrificing herself in battle. This leaves the fighter-pilot sibs more or less orphans, seeing as how their father was kidnapped by the Boazanians and is pretty much a tortured prisoner of war. 2. There are a pair of evil twin satellites named Sodom and Gomorrah. No word on their sexual proclivities, but they were skilled at using an electric storm to trap their prey in compromising positions. 3. Another roguish alien, Draco, committed suicide rather than surrender to the Voltes gang. 4. The aliens are itching to deploy a nuclear bomb on our Japanese heroes. 5. Voltes V attacks its enemies rather spectacularly by cutting a V into its enemies by using a single-edged sword. In other words: It slashes the foe, slowly twists the sword in the baddie’s gut, then cuts him again back upward. Need a visual? Witness this (go to 3:40) or this (go to 3:47). Enough talk—check out episode one here and some other installments from season one here. Image from http://flickr.com/photos/coolmel/114286427/


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Mighty Orbots could kick Voltron's ass any day of the week.