Why Two-Face's tailor is the unhappiest man in Gotham City

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Gotham City's villains and lunatics don't have time to make their own clothes. They're too busy memorizing Lewis Carroll quotes or dreaming up deadly new gags. So when they need a new suit or a patch job, they head to their local tailor, a man who truly despises his job.


Artist Aitor Iñaki Eraña (TerminAitor on deviantART) sketched up a short comic Batman: The Tailor, revealing the torment felt by Harvey Dent's tailor, now unwilling seamster to all of Gotham's supervillains. It's a neat look at how Arkham's escapees affect ordinary folks living in Gotham City.

Batman - The Tailor [TerminAitor via reddit]

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There is a short story called "Neutral Ground" in "The Further Adventures of Batman" that deals with a tailor to the villains and heroes of Gotham. Was fairly interesting.