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What Logical Inconsistency in a Story Still Bugs You, Years Later?

Illustration for article titled What Logical Inconsistency in a Story Still Bugs You, Years Later?

Sometimes a science fiction or fantasy story makes a logical error so egregious that you can't let it go. Even years later, it still pops into your head and annoys you. Why did they DO that? Tell us what stories make you feel that way.


My pick is a pretty obvious one. How did Darth Vader not realize that Leia was his daughter?! It's not like she was hidden on an obscure farming world. She was right out there in the open.

You can pick a comic, game, book, movie, or TV series. Anything that has a logical inconsistency that you are still kind of fuming over. Tell us why it stuck with you, and share pictures, video and links too!


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Angrier Geek

Why the fuck does Indiana Jones reveal himself on the Nazi base!?! Why not just wait until the ceremony is killing them to save Marion like he does anyway. And Where the fuck is he going to go if they just gave him Marion!?! Use the same magic he used to get there on a fucking sub to begin with. Speaking of which...IT'S A FUCKING SUB! ITS SOLE PURPOSE IS TO GO UNDERWATER! WHY WOULDN'T IT GO UNDERWATER!?! HE COULDN'T HAVE SURVIVED ON IT!

See what you've fucking started!?!