Immortals director Tarsem Singh tells us how he's making a "Caravaggio meets Fight Club" movie. Plus we asked Henry Cavill and the film's other stars about their heroic flaws — plus we had to ask Cavill about Superman.


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Henry Cavill:

You play Theseus in Immortals, what Theseus' flaw?

Cavill: Theseus' flaw is his rage, simple as.

And how does that get in the way of his end quest, and what is his end quest?

Cavill: His end quest? Oh goodness me, there's no actual end quest — it's revenge which he goes out to achieve. And that then evolves and changes into a realization of what the greater good is, and its importance. But I suppose his rage affects him in an obvious way, it blinds him to a lot of sense.


Tarsem is a very visual director, how is he going to change this genre?

Cavill: Just the way that this film looks, from the footage I've seen it's like Tarsem said right in the beginning he wants to create a "Caravaggio meets Fight Club" [movie], and it looks like an oil painting, it's fantastically beautiful. I think that kind of thing coupled with visceral violence is key. It's going to change the way we look at this film.

We're very excited about you playing Superman, how are you going to buck the stereotype that Superman is a boy scout?

Cavill: Goodness me, it's very early days yet, there's only so much I can say at this very early stage so I'm going to have to dodge that question for now.


Will we finally have a sexy Superman?

Cavill: I think that's all down to opinion, I hope so!

Tarsem Singh

What was the one stereotype about Greek Gods that you wanted to change?

Singh: The idea that all gods that were wise had to be old. I think that when they fight it works in paintings... but on film that just looks hokey to me. So I just said no, they obey the laws of physics. They are more like Batman then they are like Superman. They can dive down and not get hurt, they can kick people's asses in a physical sense, but not in a supernatural sense. So when that came in I just said, make the gods young, you never see gods young. Wisdom is associated with age. If a deity wanted to look 80 or 20, what would he choose? The answer is 20. So they can be as old as they want to be, but they look young.


Every superhero has a flaw, what are the Immortals flaws?

Singh: Just go and read any Greek thing and it will tell you. Greek myths, what do they do? Sleep with their kids, get angry at each other, you name it... Man is a big enough monster.


Isabel Lucas

These characters are kind of the original superheros, every superhero has a flaw, what's your character's flaw?


I think Athena's archetype, we've always known her and referred to her as being the virgin goddess. She was so driven and focused on peace in those times, I think that maybe the weakness of Athena is that she wasn't so much in her heart, she was more in her head. She never had a lover, she was never in love with anyone. It's kind of sad.

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