Why So Copyrighted?

TorrentFreak reports that The Dark Knight is officially the most pirated movie of 2008. Maybe the Joker's lectures about law-breaking and those burning piles of money taught audiences a lesson? Apparently, the flick got a million downloads in under seven days, and those are on top of the cam and DVD-screener versions that were swapped online earlier this year. Seeing as the movie has already earned over a billion dollars, I think it's safe to say that the pirates aren't sinking that ship any time soon. [via TorrentFreak]


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I download movies so they dont have the annoying adverts and "YOU WOULDNT STEAL A..." messages.

I buy movies and (more often) TV shows on DVD boxsets a lot.

But I actualy rarely watch what I bought of the disc after buying.

Most of my dvd collection was bought after watching a download, because I wanted to support the creators.

(eg, Lost, 24, Farscape, just about every Ghibli movie...all bought after downloads first).