Why Should the Government Fund Science?

Basic scientific research is a public good, like education and roads. It is a long-term investment in our countries' futures, and the future of our planet.

Public Science Triumphs is an ongoing series that io9 is running in partnership with several other publications that cover the sciences. On November 23, the U.S. Congress has pledged that its budget supercommittee will present a proposal for US$1.2 trillion in cuts to government spending. That will be the moment of truth for publicly-funded science institutions in America. Until then, we offer this series in the hope that you and U.S. government representatives will remember that science is a non-partisan public good, which enriches both local and global economies — as well as improving human life.


The stories you see in the sidebar were published on io9 and elsewhere on the web, and they all deal in one way or another with how publicly-funded science is changing the world.

Do you have a story about how publicly-funded science is making the world a better place? Contact us at tips@io9.com, with the subject line "public science triumphs," and tell us about it.

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