Why Mass Effect should be the next great space opera on television

We know that Mass Effect is one of the most important new science fiction universes — but TV Equals has a great piece arguing that this video game trilogy deserves to be a television show. Could Mass Effect bring space opera back to the small screen?


The TV Equals article praises the compelling characters, the detailed universe, and the epic story, all of which would reward regular viewers of a weekly TV show. They conclude:

A Mass Effect series is an opportunity, not only to return space opera to television, but to improve it as well. For a production company with a vision and a creative team with a passion, Mass Effect is capable of being an Emmy worthy science fiction series. It can do for spaceships and aliens what Game of Thrones did for sword and sorcery.

All the ingredients are there: A strong central hero supported by equally strong supporting characters in an exciting universe with an epic story at its core. There's a built in fan base and enough mass appeal (pardon the pun) to make a financial success more than likely.

Agree? Disagree? [TV Equals]

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