Why M. Night Shyamalan Thinks Glass Is So Different From Other Superhero Movies

Check out our exclusive clip featuring an interview with James McAvoy and M. Night Shyamalan.
Check out our exclusive clip featuring an interview with James McAvoy and M. Night Shyamalan.
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Is Glass a superhero movie? Is it a thriller? How exactly do you define it? That’s the question James McAvoy asks his writer/director in this exclusive clip from the Glass Blu-ray.

The film, which is now available on digital but comes to Blu-ray and 4K on April 16, comes a massive amount of special features on its home release. Deleted scenes, documentaries, an alternate opening, and more. And below is a small clip of a larger interview we’re excited to debut. In it, Shyamalan answers the question of genre and goes on to explain why he believes his film stands out among so many other superhero movies in theaters today.

Though I thought Glass was a miss compared to its previous two installments, you can’t argue with Shyamalan’s message here. His vision of bringing the idea of superheroes into reality is a profound and exciting one, one that he explores deeper in Glass, albeit maybe with diminishing returns. The way he tries to explain what real superheroes would look like and how the actual world would react to them does differentiate his films from the Marvels and DCs of the world.


As I stated in my original review, as a fan of Unbreakable and Split, Glass is a movie I’ll probably rewatch on occasion, just to get that closure it provides. And I’m especially interested in insight like you see above, in the huge laundry list of special features.

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That’s why it’s so dull. It’s trying SO HARD to say “we’re not like those bubble gum MCU movies no sireee! We’re SERIOUS. There’s so much to ponder here, see? SEE!?!??!”

This whole “trilogy” is still stuck in the early 2000s grimdark schtick, which is why the DCEU has had so many problems as well. It worked very well for Unbreakable because it was a product of its time and took comic books and heroes more seriously than any studio really had at that point. But it also did what the MCU did - it showed a hero being heroic in heroic ways. Split was good/ok, but it still was stuck in the original moorings of Unbreakable and on a second rewatch, it revels too much in the suffering of the antagonist’s victims (Or is he the PROTAGONIST?!?!? Oh man MIND BLOWN!)

Does the MCU lay on the cheese? They sure do. But it clearly works for a lot of different people, and they’re a far cry from where we were in the early aughts. And the MCU takes its source material seriously, even if it’s a bit formulaic.  And occasionally we get something like Logan which is a nice palate cleanser (and works so well because of its scarcity).

Shymalan has basically become the kid who discovered Donnie Darko during high school and suddenly starts hating on “mainstream” movies because they’re lame, and if you don’t agree it’s because you “don’t get it.”