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It's the rumor that refuses to die: Was The Avengers movie pushed out a year so that Iron Man director Jon Favreau could direct? Neither Marvel nor Favreau are commenting... But we're hoping it's true.


There are numerous business reasons for Marvel to make the move if it is the case, not least of which is a continued good relationship with the director as he begins shooting the second Iron Man movie; not only has Favreau been involved in the development of the movie so far as a producer, but he's also - whether by intent or accident - become a successful public face for Marvel's movie efforts, thanks to his work making and promoting the studio's first solo movie, and dealing with all the fanboy speculation that followed. That he also has good relations with two of the few actors we know we can count on for Avengers (Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., and Samuel L. Jackson) is just another mark in his favor.

The most obvious plus to the move - again, if it's a move that's been made at all - is that it would change speculation about the movie from potentially negative unknowns (Who will direct? Will it be a big enough name? What if they suck?) to a firm positive, at least in fan eyes; Favreau is a known quantity, thanks to Marvel's heavy metal hit, and one who's run the fan gauntlet before to rave reviews; he's already passed the "Does he know about this shit, and if he does, does he care?" tests and left the picky faithful dying for more while still giving mainstream, non-comic-reading audiences exactly what they wanted as well. We "know" that he gets Marvel's heroes, by now, and that he can translate their appeal to everyone else.


The re-adjusted release date for Avengers may just be the result of Marvel tightening their belt and not wanting to flood the market with too many superhero movies at one time, but if Kevin Feige and the other Marvel execs haven't considered that it also means that Favreau could theoretically jump straight from Iron Man 2 to Avengers, then here's hoping that these rumors put the idea in their head. If nothing else, who else could handle the responsibility and expectations?

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