Why Jack And Kate Should Stop Asking For More Money And Enjoy Being Lost

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With reports doing the rounds that both Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly are negotiating for pay raises with the producers of ABC's Lost, we have one simple piece of advice for the two actors: Just bear in mind how kill-happy Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have become when you think it's time to play hardball. You may think that the show can't go on without you, but you're very, very wrong. Under the jump, we'll tell you why Jack and Kate are much more expendable than they think.Despite the writers' best efforts, they are amongst the least compelling characters in the show. Other characters can keep telling us how great a leader Jack is as much as they want, we just don't see it - He lacks the charisma of Locke, Sawyer or Ben (Hell, even Hurley is more charismatic), and almost every decision he makes comes accompanied by petulant grumpiness or months of angst. Kate, meanwhile, may be the object of Sawyer and Jack's affections, but apparently that's because they both share a taste for self-indulgent whiny women who say that they're bad-ass but never quite seem convincing when trying to be bad-ass. Both of them should really start paying more attention to Juliet, if you ask me. Neither character seems tied to any of the core mysteries of the show. Yes, yes, I know; they're both part of the Oceanic Six. But nonetheless, just because they got off the island and want to go back doesn't make them that special (After all, we've got four other characters in the same position), and neither Jack nor Kate have the connection with the island that Ben or Locke seem to (Although Jack comes close, with his father's ghost... but that storyline could continue with Claire), nor the connection to the numbers that Hurley has, or even the time-traveling love story of Desmond and Penny. What exactly do you lose, storywise, if you lose Jack and Kate? Just because they're part of the Oceanic Six doesn't mean that the island can't get them. Lindelof and Cuse love to do the unexpected, and what could be more unexpected than the island proving how powerful it is by killing off two of the show's stars as soon as they get back there? There's your fifth season finale right there, gentlemen. It's a familiar story - Actors on popular TV shows start asking for more money, thinking that they're more important than the show itself. But what Fox and Lilly need to remember is that, just because you've been the stars of the show so far doesn't mean anything on Lost. Just ask Michael, Charlie, Mr. Ecko or Ana Lucia, in case you don't believe me. 'Lost' stars in renegotiation talks [Hollywood Reporter]

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also when enquiring about how important a character's life is, don't forget to ask Boone, Shannon, Libby, Rousseau, Alex, or Carl.