Why It's Amazing News That Takashi Miike Is Adapting This Scifi Manga

Well, this is exciting: cult-beloved Japanese director Takashi Miike is planning a live-action adaptation of popular manga Terra Formars, described as "a crazy, bloody, adrenaline-pumped action-sci-fi-horror series." Yes. We like that. All of that.

The manga is set in the year 2577, when the first six humans land on Mars ... which has spent the past few centuries being coated with cockroaches and mold to heat up its surface ... only to find a race of giant, mutant, human-like cockroaches already living on the planet like they own the place. Who will win supremacy, humans or bugs? Good thing Miike is a reported Starship Troopers superfan, because this sounds like the perfect vehicle for his talents.


In the meantime (don't worry, he works fast and his films are usually made available outside of Japan), the alarmingly prolific Miike's filmography is packed with plenty of juicy, gory, "WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH?"-type nuggets to revisit or watch for the first time, including the following essentials:

[Via Twitchfilm]

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