On this week's episode of Revolution, we delve more deeply into the mystery and possible evil of the US government, which has been in exile in Cuba for over a decade. The whining from Google and Rachel is happily minimal, and the political conspiracy has me intrigued.

Spoilers ahead!

So if you'll recall, last week's episode ended with what looked like a Nine Inch Nails video, full of steampunk medical equipment, blood, and a woman who looked like a sickly Victorian doll. Kiddie Porn has decided to give his wife blood from Miles's veins because she can't get dialysis anymore. It's not really clear how his wife fits into the whole child porn thing,but we do find out later that she is basically Kiddie Porn's prisoner. So maybe he married her when she was a little girl? Or maybe the show decided to drop the whole kiddie porn thing?


Anyway, Rachel and everybody else managed to break into the operating room, rescue Miles, shoot a bunch of people, and kidnap Kiddie Porn's wife. Yay!

So I have a recurring question that maybe you can answer. We're supposed to be really upset that Miles broke his hand because that's his sword hand. But why can't he use a gun? I mean, everybody else is using guns. I dearly love the sword thing, but it does seem really weird when there are all these guns lying around.


The point is, Miles and everybody else make it back to the walled city, where Google is still trying to convince his girlfriend that the nanobots aren't under divine control. They've got their prisoner, kiddie porn's wife, as insurance against attack. And the attack comes pretty quickly, only not quite the way you thought. It turns out that a US government agent actually paid kiddie porn to scare the city folks. But now kiddie porn wants to kill them, and doesn't give a shit about the US government.

Cue shenanigans with fighting, and negotiation, and kiddie porn's wife committing suicide because she doesn't want to go back to that creepy dude. Everything is basically going south, with Rachel shot by an arrow and Miles looking slightly scuffed up, until suddenly the US government army shows up, complete with machine guns and nice combat boots. They also seem to have real medicine, and immediately get to work on Rachel's arrow wound.


Why is the US government โ€“ or at least, the people calling themselves the US government โ€“ so interested in this town? It turns out to all be about Rachel, which is what Rachel always thought anyway. This is like the ultimate political conspiracy drama queen scenario for her.

We find this out in a few awful scenes with Charlie, who is trying to hunt down Monroe with the cute guy who kidnapped her earlier. Turns out that the cute guy is just a mercenary bounty hunter, and the boring sob story he told about how he has to bring Monroe to the US government is all just made up. We find this out when Monroe shows up, and shows Charlie the wanted posters that cute guy has in his truck. One of the posters is for Monroe, and the other is for Rachel. Dum dum dum!


Why is the US government looking for Monroe and Rachel? Obviously, Charlie is going to have to team up with Monroe to find out. Oh wait, even the show knows that makes no sense. So Charlie walks away in one of the episode's many "let's look at Charlie's butt" scenes, and Monroe can't bring himself to shoot her. Now she's off to rescue mom, and I'm guessing that it will only take one or two episodes before she and Monroe are bonding. Every woman loves a fascist, don't you know?

Just in case you were worried that this episode didn't have enough beating and torture, we catch up with Neville and his unctuous efforts to get in with the US government. First the government guys beat the two of them up, then one of the military leaders reveals that he knows who Neville is. As his son watches, Neville delivers this psychotic speech about how desperately he wants to kill Monroe for setting off the nukes that killed his wife.


Nobody's really buying it, but the US government Secretary really likes the idea of having a violent, mentally unstable dude in her inner circle. So she agrees to let him live, with the idea that he will help them hunt down Monroe. As for his son? As usual, Neville doesn't give a shit what they do with Jason as long as he gets his revenge.

So basically, the US government has returned to the mainland for reasons we don't understand. We also know that they set off the nukes. They are now searching for Rachel, who was one of the government's nano masterminds โ€“ so that makes sense. No idea why they are searching for Monroe. But they have a hell of a lot of diamonds to pay bounty hunters and kiddie porn fans to help them out.


Also, Google is the nano chosen one. I'm still waiting for him to heal a bunch of people with his blood. Maybe they can do that in the exciting Supernatural/Revolution crossover episode that we've all been waiting for.

Despite the shenanigans, I am starting to love this show again for the same reasons that I loved Jericho. Obviously, they are very different shows in some ways. But what both of them do is allow us to look at the US government in a whole new light โ€“ as just one group among many that could unite the remaining people in North America. It's also, quite inadvertently, a story that has taken on new relevance in the shutdown age.


It's a creepy American flag!

This is all to say that I hope we can get less family melodrama, and even more weird political ideas going on in the show. I love how we keep seeing these Illuminati symbols on US government documents. Is there a nano Illuminati? That's the kind of freaky science fiction question that Revolution should be tackling every week.