Why is the new Superman headed to an Alaskan fishing village?

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Man of Steel has finished filming in Illinois, and now it's off to Vancouver for four months of shooting. But the first Canadian location is an unexpected one, as a small British Columbia town morphs into an Alaska fishing community.


Plus Sigourney Weaver confirms her Avatar 2 return, and weighs in on Ghostbusters 3.

Ryan Gosling explains just why he's doing the new Logan's Run.

Filming has wrapped on The Hunger Games, and one site has a roundup of things to look out for.

All that and some key details for the next Doctor Who episode and the 2011 Christmas special!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn.

Man of Steel

Production is headed to British Columbia for the rest of filming, and one big location is reportedly the Vancouver Island community of Ucluelet, which will be doubling as an Alaskan fishing village. The location was reportedly chosen for its isolated, "farflung" look, and the film crew is currently looking for "older men and women with 'character faces' and some 'commercial fishermen types'" to appear as extras. No word on just how this location fits into the movie's story - an obvious guess is that Superman visits the village en route to or from the Fortress of Solitude, much like the far northern truck stop where Clark Kent gets beaten up in Superman II. However, that's not the only possibility. The villains General Zod or Faora could be invovled with this town in some way - perhaps it's where they first arrive on Earth — or it might simply be somewhere Clark Kent is sent on assignment by the Daily Planet.

The rest of filming will run through January 2012 in and around the Vancouver area, with interior filming rumored to be held at the Mammoth Studios complex. [Vancouver Sun and CTVBC]

Avatar 2 and 3

Sigourney Weaver confirms that she will indeed be back as Dr. Grace Augustine, despite her apparent death in the first movie:

"Don't worry, I will be back. Jim [Cameron] says no one ever dies in science fiction. He's told me the stories for the next two movies and I have to say that they're absolutely wonderful and there's a real treat in store. Now we just have to make them."



Logan's Run

Ryan Gosling had some refreshingly frank things to say about the proposed remake that he's developing with his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. He admitted that he doesn't actually care about this project, but Winding Refn directed Drive because Gosling personally asked him to, and now he's returning the favor by doing something Winding Refn really wants to do. He also confirmed that this is more a new adaptation of the original book and less a remake of the Michael York movie, and that he doubts the original movie will be much of an influence on their version, if at all. His tone isn't exactly encouraging — it's never great to hear someone point blank say that they don't care about a project they're co-developing — but I'm inclined to trust the people behind a movie as completely and unutterably awesome as Drive. In any event, Gosling does say that he's enjoying the development process, and that he's optimistic that the studios will give them similar creative control to what they experienced with Drive:

"Well it would be interesting to see how that works in a studio system, but they're so supportive of ‘Drive' and they've been so supportive of us in the development process that there's no reason for us to doubt them. I've been really enjoying the process of developing it and we're just focusing on that. We're just trying to create this world and try to make a movie that we'll want to see like what we did with ‘Drive' - so we'll see how that turns out."



The Hunger Games

Filming has reportedly wrapped, and The Hollywood Gossip has put together a list of spoiler-y things to expect in the finished movie. Here's a selection:

- According to reports, the scenes shot in the Capitol for the opening ceremonies of The Hunger Games will be nothing short of epic.
- Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss dons a dress made of flames, courtesy of Lenny Kravitz as her stylist, Cinna. The visuals are said to be out of this world.
- Elizabeth Banks steals every scene in her pink-wigged, diva-like glory, bringing to life one of the books' most colorful characters.
- Katniss's [friend Rue], played by youngster Amandla Stenberg, does not make it out alive, leading to a poignant scene in which Kat adorns Rue's body with flowers, then sings alongside her fallen comrade's body.


The site also promises some matters of more, uh, prurient interest, including some nice shots of a "ripped" Liam Hemsworth as Gale and some steamy scenes between Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss and Josh Hutcherson's Peeta. [The Hollywood Gossip]

Total Recall

Here are some set photos from Toronto, featuring Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel. [WENN.com and ComingSoon.net]


The Hobbit

Lost's Evangeline Lilly explains how she's preparing to play the newly created character of Tauriel, and why she's making sure that this addition doesn't hurt the overall story:

"With every film, you have to educate yourself on the material and it's often things you don't know a lot about. Right now I'm studying Elvish and having conversations with people about learning how to be an archer, a swordsperson and how to fight like an elf instead of a gritty convict." [Laughs]

"I am very concerned to this day that people will watch the film and I'll be the black mark on the film. I know how adamant the purists are and I'm one of them! That said, upon reading 'The Hobbit' again, as an adult, I can see why additional characters were needed to round out the story as an adaptation – especially female characters! 'The Hobbit' didn't include female characters at all and was a very linear story, a book for children, really. What Peter [Jackson], Fran (Walsh) and Philippa (Boyens) have done is all in perfect keeping with Tolkien's world, while adding a third dimension to an otherwise very two-dimensional story."



Real Steel

Lilly also explains how she went from Kate on Lost to her very different character in this robot boxing movie:

"After Lost and having a character that was so complex, layered, nuanced and constantly running in fear, crying in sorrow or screaming in terror, when I got the script of Real Steel – and was reading Bailey Tallet – one of my prerequisites was that she be someone I could relax into and just do it. I didn't have to put my heart and soul and guts into it. Bailey is sort of the anchor from which a lot of the story pivots around."



Ghostbusters 3

Sigourney Weaver explains where she stands with the sequel and a potential return as Dana Barrett:

"I have yet to read the script. "I've had a couple of calls and I know they're rewriting and all I said was that I hope my son, Oscar, has grown up to be a Ghostbuster and Ivan Reitman said yes. Beyond that, I have no idea. I hope it comes together, but we already did two wonderful films and, if we have to let this one go, that's fine."



World War Z

Paramount Pictures has announced that the production will be moving to London for filming at the Heygate Estate in the Borough of Southwark. That particular housing estate, a popular location for filmmakers, has developed a reputation for crime and squalor, and is due to be demolished in the near future. So... this probably won't be one of the cheerier sections of the movie, even by zombie apocalypse standards. [ComingSoon.net]


The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Here's a metric ton of promo images. [Falcon via SFX]

Cloud Atlas

Here are some set photos of Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving. [WENN.com]

The Thing

Here's a pair of TV spots. [ScreenRant]

Riddick 3

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Vin Diesel has released another piece of concept art. He again confirms that the movie will be rated R, and he credits the long discussions had with the studio over this issue for allowing extra development and preproduction time. He also revealed that he is currently meeting with the director and studio about casting plans and the proposed 2012 release date. [Comic Book Movie]

Doctor Who

Here are a couple videos for next week's episode, "Closing Time" by Gareth Roberts. One is a trailer, and another is an introduction from producer Denise Paul.

And here are some key details from writer Gareth Roberts:

It's 200 years after "The God Complex" - for the Doctor, anyway. All the stuff you saw at the very beginning of "The Impossible Astronaut", with him waving to Amy through all time and space, he's been doing that. But time is closing in on him and he can't put off going to Lake Silencio and his doom. But before he does, he thinks he'll make one last social call — and he ends up working in a shop and fighting the Cybermen.


He also explains why he returned to the character of James Corden's Craig Owens:

"I was thinking of returning to Craig when I knew James had been cast in The Lodger, and even more so when I saw his performance. He and Matt have an amazing on-screen chemistry, and it already felt like he was one of the Who family as it were.

I think it's funny how the Doctor has the two extremes of River Song and Craig in his life — River is so complex and mysterious and Craig is so straightforward and uncomplicated. He hasn't changed that much except that he and Sophie have now got a baby, and Craig is finding it hard being a dad.


And, finally, why the Cybermen are the monsters of this episode:

It was my idea to include them as there were no other returning monsters in this series, at least not as the main antagonists. I thought there should be a sense of history about the Doctor's final battle to save Earth before he heads off to meet his death. The Cybermen are at their scariest, I think, when they're lurking in the shadows like they did back in the 60s, so I tried to bring some of that back to them.



[gallery 5841372] Looking ahead to the Christmas special, Sleepy Hollow and Bridget Jones's Diary actress Claire Skinner has reportedly been cast in an unspecified role - she's also been spotted on set in a 1920s costume. You can see her in the gallery on the left along with photos of Matt Smith and the TARDIS at the same blue house location where the Doctor left Amy and Rory at the end of "The God Complex." Additional filming is going on at Wales's Stradley Castle.


Both Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan have been spotted at the blue house location - Darvill has even tweeted that he had to lose the beard he grew to appear in the play Dr. Faustus. The scene being filmed reportedly involved the Doctor and Amy meeting at the New Year. All this indicates they'll be putting in at least a cameo appearance in the special — and, it's worth remembering, they only had token appearances in "A Christmas Carol" last year, when they were still definitely regulars on the show.

Finally, one other casting note — a supposed inside source claims that a regular on the British comedy quiz show QI will put in an appearance. The two main regulars on the show are host Stephen Fry (of Stephen Fry fame) and permanent panelist Alan Davies (also known as the star of Jonathan Creek), but there are a number of other recurring panelists this hint might refer to. [Digital Spy, Wales Online, Vicki Williams's Flickr, and Doctor Who Spoilers]



Here's a promo for season four. You can check out the link for some analysis and speculation. [BuddyTV]

Here are a bunch of promo photos for episode two, "One Night in October." [BuddyTV]


The Walking Dead

Here's a collection of promo photos for season two. [SpoilerTV]

Person of Interest

Here are some promo photos for the second episode, "Ghosts." [SpoilerTV]


Episode six will reportedly be called "Chuck vs. the Curse." This episode will reportedly guest star Rebecca Romijn as a rogue CIA agent and avid torturer. Another character in the episode will be Simms, "an intense, slightly creepy CIA agent who may be what Team Bartowski needs to defeat Romijn. Or not." [ChuckTV]



Here's a sneak peek at season seven. [SFX]


Here are some photos for episode ten, "The Unusual Suspects." [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta, Charlie Jane Anders, and Jonathan Wilkins.



Uuug..again?!? I've been to Ucluelet in BC a few times. Yes, it's stunning. But as someone that lived many, many years in BC it gets tiresome to see it's beauty constantly touted as somewhere else. If you're filming in Vancouver (or BC in general), just let it be Vancouver (or BC in general). Residents are getting tired of companies trying to make other places look better by using Vancouver in their stead.