Why is it that, whenever there's a black hole eating St. Louis, the military always wants to nuke it?

A black hole is crushing St. Louis and an energy creature's nomming people, so the army, of course, goes nuclear, in 2006's Black Hole. Note, also, that cable news is still keeping tabs on the Federal Reserve during all this.

What can we say about Black Hole that hasn't already been said by the irate commenters over on its imdb page? (Sample comment: "I paid 25 cents to watch this, and I WANT MY MONEY BACK.") We bought this on DVD (in a two-movies-on-one-disc deal) for a couple bucks, and didn't realize it was a Syfy (or SciFi, back then) Original Movie until we watched it. On the plus side, Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy, is a scientist.


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Not just Buffy, Rodimus Prime as well. While it's hard to praise a SyFy film in terms of cinematic quality, they do seem to manage to get some good genre casting for them.

I caught Stonehenge Apocalypse (military's solution, nuke Stonehenge) on UK television this week, I must watch more of these atrocious films as there is a certain guilty pleasure in watching them. Give it another 50 years or so and we may even be looking back on some of them with the same affection we have for the classic Corman films.

I'm sure that eventually there will be a film where a city is threatened by a nuclear bomb, and the only way to stop the bomb is to nuke it. Possibly starring Xzibit.