Is magic becoming science? Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is opening a Harry Potter Exhibit, where children can come and press their faces up against the tri-wizard cup and ogle Hagrid's unmentionables.

Potter's props and things will be traveling the United States, but they're starting in that Chicago science museum... which makes perfect sense what with all the science in Potter films. The props and costumes from the film are being dubbed "iconic artifacts." There's no doubt that Harry Potter has influenced our culture greatly and should have some place in museums, but this money-making scheme to pollute my favorite museum (home of the creepy hall of babies) with hordes of children is upsetting. More importantly, how is this teaching anyone about science? Has our world blurred the differences between science and magic so much that we'll display Harry's wand and call it technology?


Do I want to go? Sure. But I'm a little thrown off by the location. It's kind of amazing how magic is truly taking over society, what with vampires and wizards, just as real science literacy is on the wane. I'm going out on a limb here, but maybe it's only a matter of time before children stop being able to distinguish between magic and actual feasible tech.

You can buy tickets at the Museum Of Science And Industry for the Chicago opening on April 30 2009.

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