Why Is Bollywood's Unfilmed Robot Epic Already Spawning Imitators?

The Bollywood robot epic Endhiran (formerly called Robot) hasn't even finished filming, and it's already spawning copycats. And it's easy to see why, based on what we're hearing about the crazy S. Shankar project.


Indian movie star Asin is set to star in a new big-budget movie that's "based on" the still-filming Endhiran, according to producers Usha Venkataramani and Mahadevan Ganesh of GV Films. Not much is known about the film, except that it'll be a "quickie" for the actress, who has designs on Disney and Warner Bros. projects in the U.S., and it'll be made simultaneously in both Hindi and Tamil, to maximize its bankability. (The Hindi version will co-star Ranbar Kapoor.)

Why does Endhiran sound like such a great movie that people are already dying to rip it off? It could be the star, Rajnikanth, or the action coordinator, the famous Yuen Wo-Ping. Or it could be the fact that it has llamas dancing with showgirls. Or could it be the storyline, about a guy who makes a robot companion for his kid, and then the robot goes insane? Nope. It's all to do with director S. Shankar. Here are the plots of the bugfuck crazy movies he's made before:

[Nayak,] the story of a reporter (Anil Kapoor of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) who becomes Prime Minister of India for a day and fixes the country’s social problems by punching people in the face... S. Shankar’s second-to-the-last movie was Anniyan, a Tamil film about a lawyer with who seeks justice by causing evildoers to be trampeled to death in a buffalo stampede, fried in pots of oil and sucked dry by leeches. It was a musical. His latest movie is the Superstar Rajnikanth mega-hit Sivaji, in which Tamil superstar Rajnikanth battles the corrupt government with his fists.

Don't you automatically want to see whatever this guy makes now?

Speaking of imitation, that Bollywood Predator ripoff we mentioned a while back, Agyaat, is actually a ripoff of another forthcoming Bollywood movie, Hisss. The first Bollywood movie to be directed by a foreign director, Jennifer Lynch, Hisss features Mallika Sherawat as a sexy snake woman. Says Hisss star Irfan Khan:

She plays a man-eating creature. She swallows men in the film. And I'm just dying to be swallowed her. Watching her devour men is a very very sensuous process. Unfortunately, I don't get eaten by her. I'm the investigative officer trying to find out who's devouring all these human beings.


And apparently Agyaat will be a bit of a Hisss clone.

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