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How would you like to own the original artwork to this page from Dark Horse's recent Dr. Horrible comic? Enough to violate your supervillain code, and give to charity? Click through to find out how it could be yours.


If you're looking for the perfect gift for the comic geek in your life, this lot in the Portland Mercury's online charity auction should fit the bill: Along with the original Joelle Jones page above, there's also a Dark Horse Comics lithograph signed by Joss Whedon, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and artist Travis Charest, a limited edition Umbrella Academy t-shirt (as well as both collections of the series to date), the complete set of Dark Horse's "One Shot Wonders" books (including Joss Whedon's Sugar Shock, Hellboy, The Goon and Star Wars, as well as a Zack Whedon-signed Dr. Horrible) and Goon-branded soda. Yes, we said Goon-branded soda. Be warned: You'll be bidding against us in this one. The auction closes on December 11th, and for the concerned, they'll ship nationwide if you don't happen to live in Portland.


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