Why Enrico Colantoni Hopes They Never Make A Galaxy Quest Sequel

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Before Enrico Colantoni played Veronica Mars' dad and Elias on Person of Interest, he was the alien Mathesar in the classiccomedy Galaxy Quest. So when we were interviewing him about tomorrow night's earth-shattering Person of Interest episode, we had to ask him if he thought Galaxy Quest would ever get a continuation.


"I hope not," Colantoni responded without any hesitation. He added:

I think it's a great movie all by itself. It stands alone, and to make something up, just because we love those characters, and turn it into a sequel — then it becomes the awful sequel. [Laughs] That's just my personal opinion. I think it's perfect just the way it is. It's standing the test of time. People are rediscovering it. New generations are discovering it again and again, and it's just perfect. Unless they can make it as good as the first one, which I don't know how [you could do that].


We'll have the rest of our interview with Colantoni, in which he talks about tomorrow night's Elias-centric episode of Person of Interest, tomorrow.

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This is correct. This movie is perfect, as-is. Plus, if you couldn't get Alan Rickman back, it's not really worth trying anyway.