Richard Garriott spent $30 million of his own money to be a "space tourist" aboard the International Space Station, a quest that's chronicled in the new documentary Man on a Mission, in theaters now. But while he was aboard the I.S.S., Garriott shot an eight-minute movie called Apogee of Fear, which he says is the first science fiction movie ever shot in space. And NASA won't let us see that film. Why not?

NASA takes the position that this film was shot on board NASA hardware, Garriott explains to And the main actors in the film, besides Garriott himself, are two NASA astronauts plus one Russian cosmonaut. And the light-hearted film may be too playful for NASA, Garriott surmises. Until NASA gives permission, Garriott can't release his film — which is easily the best science fiction film ever made in space! — to the public. Or put it in the Smithsonian, which has requested a copy due to its historical importance.


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