Why Does This Man Want To Stamp Out Posthumans?

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Canadian indie flick Abstract Messiah is about a Luddite politician, Enoch Crom, who is trying to cast out cyborgs from the Toronto Republic. The filmmakers just posted this weird short where Crom makes his case on a fake talk show.


Abstract Messiah is still in production, but here's the synopsis:

The year is 2106 and the world is slowly rebuilding from a near-apocalyptic breakdown in human society caused by the global crash of cybernetic systems. The Greater Toronto Republic is growing in political and social unrest due to rising crime from and towards cybernetically enhanced citizens, with only the police keeping a thin margin of order . . . Led by the enigmatic politician Enoch Chrom, the cybernetics-hating Luddites become a social movement, straining human-cyborg relations to a breaking point. When the Luddites brazenly attack one of the city's largest cybernetic prisons it is up to UCF Marshal Pax and Toronto Detectives Ngami Tsiu and James Johnson to stop them. But there may be more to Chrom's raid than anyone realizes…


The movie, written and directed by Laszlo Kovacs, is a sequel to Toronto Cybercide, and this short is intended to bridge the gap between the two films. Can't wait to see more. You can get more information about Abstract Messiah on their Facebook page.

UCF: The Bridge from Key Pixel on Vimeo.

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Seems like a little bit of a flawed premise, considering that the first "posthumans" are likely to be from the richer classes, the exact people who in general have the most lobbying power. The future cyborgs will be a powerful minority, not a powerless one, unless something radically changes.