Why Does the World Need Black and White Tomatoes?

Ever been chopping a salad or assembling a sandwich and thought, "Dammit, I sure wish tomatoes weren't so damn red all the time"? British breeders Suttons Seeds, who already perfected the black tomato, have created the world's first black and white tomato plant, reports the Daily Mail:


A [Suttons] spokesman said: "This year we have upped the ante by grafting Indigo Rose to a creamy-white cherry variety to produce the first black and white tomato plant. We promise amazement from your friends, neighbors, and family, not to mention rather groovy salads and sandwiches."

This is either an idea whose time has come, or a throwback to the era of terrifying "Funky Purple" ketchup.

Image of tomatoes as they should be via Wikimedia Commons user Fir002.

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