Why Does Joss Whedon Get The Avengers? "Because They’re F—ed Up."

Illustration for article titled Why Does Joss Whedon Get The Avengers? Because They’re F—ed Up.

Why is Joss Whedon a good fit for The Avengers? It's not because he pens snarky, modern dialogue. No, it's because he understands how screwed up superheroes are. The following editorial elaborates on Whedon's affinity for superheroic screwballness. [WSJ]


[Art by Adam Hughes.]

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I don't think I agree with this piece, but then again he references 'His Whedon' which is a true part of the nature of admiring Joss' work. Everyone likes him based on various pieces of his body of work, and no one's view of him is ever the same.

However reasoning on why I think he's good for this is based on two things.

A) He GETS comic book heroes, his run on Astonishing X-men attests to this (Runaways was this weird, floundering thing, but christ almighty I can forgive that because of the ending of Astonishing. I got teary eyed.).

B) He kn0ws how to properly handle an ensemble. It's one of his greatest strengths as a storyteller. I think he tends to flounder a bit when he focuses on one character, but when he's got something revolving around a group of individuals he really shines. He'll make the Avengers a goddamn team, instead of anyone else who may not be able to portray that unity.