Marvel have just revealed a new variant cover for the first issue of Princess Leia, the first standalone comic series for the kickass leader of the Rebel Alliance. Can you spot where Princess Leia is on the cover? Spoilers: You can't. She's not there.

Just in case you think I've artfully cut Leia off of the header image, here's the full cover, revealed by Comic Book Resources today:


It's Princess Leia! Starring... Luke and Vader.

Don't get me wrong, Alex Ross is an incredible artist, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. And yes, it's only a variant cover - Leia stands proudly, blaster in hand, on the main cover - surely the titular hero should get some representation on all the covers for her series? It would be like putting Jar Jar Binks on the variant cover for Darth Vader, and no one else (actually, I kind of want to see that). It'd be ridiculous there, but it's even more ridiculous here, especially considering Ross has already done a variant for the issue featuring Leia. In fact, this new variant is the only cover revealed so far not to feature the Princess. So it's not that bad, but it highlights it all the more.

Marvel's done a pretty great job of championing Leia's first series, so this stands out as a weirdly dumb thing to do. Why not save this as a cover for Star Wars, where it would make more sense, instead of using it for your one female-led series?


The Force, and comic book covers, both work in mysterious ways.

[via Comic Book Movie]