Why do we live in three dimensions?

New Scientist's MacGregor Campbell gives us the rundown on why – of all the dimensions – we live in the third one. What is the deal with space's essential... three-ness?


Many of you – especially those familiar with books like Edwin Abbott's Flatland – will no doubt recognize the tautological silliness in explanations like "we evolved to live in a three dimensional universe, so that's the universe we perceive. If the universe had been two-dimensional then we would also be two-dimensional. Same with four dimensions." This explanation, as Campbell confesses, is kind of lame. Fortunately, he expands on the subject.


For even more details, check out the newly published article by Matthew Chalmers that inspired the video (warning: paywall ahead).

[New Scientist]


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We live in four dimensions. We just experience one of them (time) differently. "Why" is a question for a philosopher or a theologian, not a physicist.

Physicists, now, their job is to find out how many dimensions there are, and whether any beyond the four we're used to are accessible to us.