While I was a huge fan of the anime AEon Flux, I'm willing to admit that the Charlize Theron movie based on the series flopped for good reason. The plot felt cliched, the dialogue was bad, and Theron never convinced me she was a badass. I mean, she never even grits her teeth ferchrissake. But the concept design in AEon Flux was positively breathtaking, as you can see in this clip.

Here superninja AEon and her pupil are penetrating the defenses on a building that belongs to the family that fascistically controls the entire society where AEon lives. The premise is that most of the human race was wiped out by plague 400 years ago, and the descendants of the few remaining millions live in a single, techno-perfect city controlled by the Goodchild family. Where the design gets great is in the organic look of the technology: here you can see what are basically fruit-weapons. In other scenes, there are computers made of water (which look a lot like the cylon computers from Battlestar Galactica, actually). I like the way this film evokes a future world without resorting to the usual "blinky lights and computers" look.


Plus, the genemod feet! So cool. It makes no sense that there wouldn't be tons of other genemods running around in this flick, but that's just one of a zillion plotholes. For now, just enjoy the coolness. [AEon Flux via IMDB]

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