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Why do so many "unhealthy" people live to see 100?

Illustration for article titled Why do so many unhealthy people live to see 100?

Planning on living to see 100? It's probably a good idea to eat right and exercise. But then again, maybe you don't have to. What about those people who eat, smoke and drink their sedentary asses into their 80s, 90s, 100s and beyond? SciAm's Katherine Harmon gives you the lowdown on why, when it comes to longevity, your genes may matter more than your lifestyle habits:



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Now this I can get behind not the whole athlete mutant conspiracy theory. these old people are mutants and their family are all long lived. granted their is also evidence that the older the man is when he has children the longer his children will live. supposedly telomeres are extended during the making of the spermies. so a person with a dad who was 35 will live 10 years longer than a person with a dad who was 25. think of it. if you have a dad who is a long lived geezer who then has you late in life with a mom who is a long lived granny and this continues on you could eventually make a race of super long lived people who could rule all the short lived humans with an iron fist. what a wonderful world it would be.