You know what hate-watching is. It's when you despise a show so much that you have to keep watching it, week after week, just to see HOW TERRIBLE IT DARES TO BE WHY IS IT SO TERRIBLE. What science fiction or fantasy show caused your most incurable case of hate-watching, and why?

Of course we want pictures and clips. Because we want to be sucked in, too! What else are we supposed to do this weekend, other than hone our rage to a fine point and hurl it at fictional characters in a fantasy world?


My pick is Heroes. It was so great, and then it developed some problems. And tried to solve those problems by heaping on more of the stuff that caused the problems in the first place. Plot hole? Create six more nonsensical plots. Incomprehensible numbers of aimless characters? ADD SEVENTEEN MOAR CHARACTERS WHY NOT. Show failed? Make a @#$% spinoff! And so on. I could be here all day smashing my keyboard but I'll let you get to it in comments below.