Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other's Butts?

If dogs have such a keen sense of smell, why do they spend so much time with their noses near each other's rear ends? This video gives a quick introduction to dog butt science and explains why their noses aren't overwhelmed by the smell of poop.


The American Chemical Society explains what chemicals dogs detect when they put nose to butt and what kind of information they're getting out of these smelly encounters. Chemical communication is pretty fascinating, especially the way that dogs are built to filter useful smells out of all that anal odor.

[via The Mary Sue]


Side note; I was working for a vet once and this ladies cat was having issues. I figured out that it was the spray gland and asked her if she would like me to show her how to "express the anal sack."

Not what she was expecting to hear. She thought I said give her cat anal sex.