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Why Did We Ever Think Bigfoot Was Cool?

Chewbacca was cool because be flew the Millennium Falcon and had a laser crossbow — but why did we ever think that the similarly tall, hairy, and lumbering Bigfoot was interesting in the least? One TV series has the answer.

There was a time — let's call it 1977 — where Bigfoot/Sasquatch was all the rage. People were staking out natural parks and local forests looking to grab footage, and faking it when they couldn't nab any. He was in a memorable episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. He even had his own adventure series, Bigfoot and Wildboy:

Here was a show about how Bigfoot stole a kid and lived with him in the woods. And fought a little crime. And it actually made it on real, actual broadcast television.


Did Bigfoot tap into the same primal lure that kids have for dinosaurs — "it's bigger and weirder than anything I've ever seen, including my parents"? Did the proclivity for unbuttoned shirts and robust chest hair really extend this far? Why, exactly, did we want to believe in this, of all things?

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of course he's cool. he's got his own papparazzi!