Why Can't We Teach Battlestar In High School?

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"There's no point asking what's cooler; the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica or any version of Hamlet produced in the last four hundred years. BSG kicks the bard's dead white male butt before the first viper's even left the launch chute. So why not teach it at high school? In fact why not give senior English students a solid grounding in Galactica before they go anywhere near Shakespeare?" — The Brisbane Times Geek Blog


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Shakesphere contributed a lot to language in terms of neat phrase's, expressions and sentance usage.

But -storywise- he was doing absolutely nothing that wasnt done before. He wasnt anything special, he was just the pop-culture idle of the time.

Remove shakesphere from the timeline and I dought TV would be effected by anything more then the odd quote, eppisodic title, and shakespherian villian frankly.

Theres nothing wrong with shakesphere, but he does not deserve to be studied above all others.

He dosnt give a better insite into the units of a story then anything produced today, because his work is littered is simerlarly just a dilect of his time.

Whatever you study will always be a subset of the whole, which is constantly changing anyway.