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Not only are these great representations of the Addamses, but there's something about the high-gloss and painting style of the typical matryoshka doll.


Here's the description of them from the artist's blog entry:

My new matryoshka doll is a mixture between the original Addams Family show and the 90's movies that I've loved for many, many years. The collection still lacks Lurch, Grandmama and Uncle Fester (and Thing, that would be quite a challenge!), but I might paint them later. I hope you like it! And oh, Morticia & Gomez are same sized because I didn't want to ruin their equality. ;)


These are great, but were made as a craft project years ago. A cursory (... okay, not so cursory. More obsessive) search has revealed these to be the best pop-culture-themed nesting dolls are to be found on the BoBo BaBushka etsy page. And there's a wide range of great doll sets there (and the Addams Family set has the characters this one is missing), but these completely caught the imagination first.

[Mothmouth's Blog via Pinterest]

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