Why Can't The Aliens Be Naked If They Want To?

Joe Cortese tries to explain the Earth concept of "pajamas" to Maryam D'Abo, an alien who wants to sleep naked, in this scene from Something Is Out There. (It's just barely work-safe. Probably.)

Now I know why so many people said they remembered this show the other day. It's hard to believe this scene was televised on NBC in 1988, given how many times D'Abo comes within a hair's breadth of showing her lunar modules. I love the part where she says, "We've already seen each other's hands. What else is there to see?"

(Earlier in the show, she has awesome hand-sex with one of her fellow aliens... who then goes insane and lets out all the bald monster inmates on their prison ship. Her hand-sex technique is actually pretty great.)

Anyway, "pajamas" are a total Earth cultural imperialism, and I commend D'Abo for resisting. [IMDB]

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