Why Can't Spidey Stay Away From Weddings?

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Someone is getting married in the 600th issue of Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man, but does this mean that the comic book version of the webslinger is headed back to wedded bliss, just like his newspaper strip counterpart?


Let's be honest: Almost all signs point to "no" - If nothing else, there are two more likely couples to walk down the aisle in the current comic book run (Those would be Harry Osborn and his psychopathic girlfriend Lily Hollister, and Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson's father, in case you're wondering. Hint: The teaser image gives the happy couple's identity away), even if Marvel editor Tom Brevoort hadn't already spoiled the fact that we shoudn't expect a return to a married Peter anytime soon. And yet, if the Spider-Man writers aren't planning something to do with a reconciliation with MJ, then what's with the collection of stories about their love affair due in August (Or, for that matter, the mention of #600 featuring "the return of one of the most important people in Peter Parker's life"? Unless, of course, they're planning to kill her off for cheap dramatic effect?


You only have to wait until July 15th to find out just how cruel the Marvel fates can be.

Somebody's walking down the aisle... [Marvel]

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Mike Harris

Well, since the image which is large, behind no spoiler cut, and to the left of your text makes it clear that yes, it is a Parker-Watson wedding ...