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Syfy may not have had a booth at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but their Cafe Diem cafe a block away from the convention center wowed us, and we weren't the only ones.


Variety talked to Syfy's VP of Brand Marketing, Blake Callaway, about why the network gave up their space on the convention floor, and why they went for a remodeled Hard Rock Cafe, instead:

If you walk the floor (of the convention), you feel sensory overload [and] you're always confined to your square footage of space... Last year, we asked ourselves, 'How we do we make things bigger, greater, different?' It's the first time we were (at the Con) with our new brand. We wanted to make sure fans knew we didn't abandon the genre and still deliver shows they love.


The move to an outside location seems to have worked - Not only was there buzz at the show about Cafe Diem, but the fact that it stayed open until 3am each night (As opposed to the convention hall's 7pm close) definitely helped more people eat, if nothing else; the paper reports that the cafe's profits for con week were three times the amount of the previous year.

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