Why be human when you can be a giant cardboard robot?

Jason Lentz has mastered the art of transforming everyday cardboard boxes into massive corrugated exoskeletons. And if you want to become a 100% recyclable man-machine, he'll build you a boxy body. Quick, destroy all the humans before it starts raining!

Lentz is like a no-budget Tony Stark. He will don his massive robot body and tromps through such meatbag-filled locales as Burning Man, wreaking cardboard-netic havoc in his wake. Or he brings joy to hearts of onlookers. You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to.

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You can check out the many iterations of his giant cardboard robot body at his Flickr page. Lentz also has a limited number of giant robot arms for sale at Etsy. NOTE: As with all robot peripherals, these arms will not survive a dip in a vat of molten steel.


[Giant Cardboard Robots via MAKE. Top photo by Kate Ward; middle photo by Jason Tolentino.]

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My 2009 Halloween costume.

It's made from roofing tin. The three-fingered claws articulate. I'm seven feet tall on the romper-stomper feet. I won $1000 at one of the local costume contests. It took dancing five hours and posing with every drunk reveler in the club. But I think it was worth it. So long as feeling returns to my arms...