Why Avatar Is The New Star Wars, And Who'll Gain From It

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Are you prepared for yet another 3-D revolution? Sony bosses are saying that James Cameron's Avatar just might "change the world", and hinting that another franchise may benefit from the ground breaking.


Talking to Forbes Magazine about the way that 3-D technology has impacted movies recently, Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal suggested that December will bring another gamechanger:

I think James Cameron's new movie [Avatar] could change the world. I think everyone is in anticipation thinking it's going to be like Star Wars. It's going to change the way you consume entertainment. I don't know that it will ever be the way you see dramas, but I can't say anymore that it won't be.

If Avatar is going to be like Star Wars, here's hoping that it'll be more Empire Strikes Back than Phantom Menace. But no matter what, it's not the only live-action movie that Sony is considering for the 3-D treatment; Pascal also said that the upcoming Spider-Man 4 "could be" shot in 3-D as well. Just imagine what it'll be like when you think that Spidey is shooting gobs of web goo right in your face... and then try and obliterate that image from your brain.

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it can't be the new star wars by defninition, because nobody would have said about star wars it's the new anything before it premiered - except maybe the new SF-Flop - which is a major part of the star wars phenomenon. And when Star wars started to tell us it is the new Star Wars, it was going downhill rapidly.

This is nothing but a marketing guy saying he has the next BIG thing for us to buy....