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Why Aren't You Building Your Own UFO Yet?

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Do you know why Richard Branson was in such a hurry to unveil SpaceShipTwo last week? It's not because he loves cool toys — it's because he was worried an inventor who's created a personal UFO would steal his thunder.


Or at least, that's what a new press release from UFO guru Luke Fortune claims. Fortune, an inventor, has put the plans and patents to allow you to build your own laser-fusion-powered UFO online for free. The prototype will cost $60,000 for you to build, but don't worry — soon, building your own UFO will be dirt cheap, and everybody on the planet will be flying them, according to Fortune's press release. And this will transform the world's economy:

Illustration for article titled Why Arent You Building Your Own UFO Yet?

The government approved public charity to develop UFO technology is underway.

Imagine a tomorrow where instead of your usual humdrum job, you, and the Average Joe, were flying about the planet at thousands of miles per hour without danger, hauling cargo or people. The Average Joe can build a flying craft for about the cost of a car. Instead of driving a taxi, Average Joe flies people all over the planet, all over the solar system. The cruise industries find great profits in tours around the moon and the outer giants. Resources need no longer be in short supply as mining the asteroid belt becomes a commonplace event. Shooting galleries can be opened in the Kuiper Belt. Oil prospecting on Jupiter's moons could likewise easily be achieved. The open use of these technologies will repair the global economy by opening the next great economic growth. Space tourism can become a reality in a much shorter time, as people who aren't millionaires realize they can build these devices and cash in on the space tourism trade. You can become wealthy by taking part in the next great economic expansion.

For you, for all of us, science fiction will become science fact.

Current, and retired, aerospace engineers, some involved with "black operations" have been consulted for this project. It is acknowledged by these engineers that a repository of over 50 years of research data was their source material database of knowledge in UFO research and development in their employ with their respective aerospace companies.

Technology exists that can repair and rebuild the economy on both the national (United States) and global scales. Exotic Propulsion Systems are methods of transport that far exceed the abilities of the currently used methods of travel and transport. For the last century, these methods have been available, but have been hidden beneath a mountain of paperwork and filing numbers.

George Noory called them "very interesting stuff. There is a ton of material."

Michael Knight of Earth Change Report said "They are fascinating... You might be surprised to learn that many of the drawings ... depict craft that you would think come straight out of movies like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However, unlike Hollywood, we are not mixing fact and fiction here."

6,500 pages of complete patents of these craft have been compiled by Luke Fortune and made available in book format at Come to the website and see the free E-book. Come to and see explanatory videos. Come to the website and see the other free downloads available at the site, including interviews, patents and more.

Exotic Propulsion craft (formerly called "UFO's") are capable of speeds of thousands of miles per hour. Pilots and cargo are shielded from gravity and inertia. Right angle or sharper maneuvers are can be made without danger of damage to cargo or pilot by the exposure to G-forces. This is a patented fact that has been scientifically proven since the early 1970s. G-forces are simply not a factor with this shielding.

Since these craft are capable of circling the globe in under an hour, of hovering, and landing anywhere [whether air strips are present or not], the ability to transport needed supplies, people, and/or cargo instantly to anywhere upon the globe becomes a reality.

Fresh foods can be brought anywhere on the globe in mere minutes. Imagine eating a meal with lobster from Maine, caught fresh that morning, with Irish potatoes, not 120 minutes out of the earth from Ireland, with pineapple from Hawaii, picked not an hour before, and drinking coffee from Ethiopia, picked, roasted and delivered within two hours. This could be the reality of today, with technology that we've had for many yesterdays.

Starvation can be eliminated, as food and clean water can be transported anywhere.

The threat of overpopulation can be stopped, as the technology to create lunar bases and settlements in other locations of the solar system, technology already in our possession, can be manufactured. Transport and shipment of supplies between these settlements and the Earth will be possible because the speeds achieved are far in excess of rocket technologies.


So what are you waiting for? Why haven't you built your UFO yet? The world is waiting! [UFOHowTo via Australia.To World News]

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You see, I would build one but for some reason I don't have a fusion reactor and they seem to be unavailable at this time.

I'll check with my neighbor Stan Smith's buddy Roger about the logistics about that. I can usually bribe him with Pecan Sandys and vodka.