Why Are We Pleased That Prince Caspian Is A Flop?

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It's science fiction 2, fantasy 0, at least at the movies. Prince Caspian only wishes he had a fraction of Iron Man's box-office magic, and Disney CEO Robert Iger has been reduced to going around making excuses for its floppitude. So now that there's not likely to be a Voyage Of The Dawn Treader movie, why are we celebrating?


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Charlie Jane Anders

@Jason-Pitzl-Waters: Sometimes B-movies and weird fringe films are more "out there" and interesting than mainstream stuff... and in general I'd like to see heroic fantasy exerting less of an influence on big science fiction narratives. (In other words, fewer franchises like Star Wars, which are basically heroic fantasy with scifi trappings. A lot of B-movies are more twisted, and less sugar-coated than that type of science fantasy.)