Why Are We Meeting The X-Men's Quicksilver In This Awful Commercial?

We're starting to think that the X-Men don't really like Quicksilver that much. First they made him look like this, and now they are showing off his super-speed powers for the first time in a fast food commercial. Well at least it's better than that super-sexist Mystique Ad.


Quicksilver, the super-fast, super-fun new X-Man that a lot of people are excited about appearing on X-Men: Days of Future Past, is getting the cyclops treatment. We are legit excited about Evan Peters playing the speedy mutant, but we didn't want him to have his powers revealed eating a biscuit. This is terrible. You deserve better than this, Quicksilver.



This accomplishes the task of not only making me care even less about the movie (despite the X-Men being my gateway drug to comics), but being insanely curious as to what Fox's marketing team is like.