It's a city on the edge of our world, full of elves and magic. It's rumored to welcome outcasts, artists, and dreamers. And now that its gates are open to humans again, teens are fleeing to Bordertown from everywhere.


In this awesome trailer for Holly Black and Ellen Kushner's new anthology of Bordertown stories, Welcome to Bordertown, you'll find out why. For the uninitiated, the Bordertown story cycle started in the 1980s with urban fantasy tales of elves on motorcycles and leather-clad magical teens. Now the generation that grew up reading those stories — including greats like Catherynne N. Valente and Cory Doctorow — are taking up the mantle and writing tales of their own set in the Bordertown worlds.

The new anthology brings together the original authors of the Bordertown cycle with these younger authors. Look for it in bookstores at the end of May!


And find out more on the Bordertown website.

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