Why Are Movies Like Primer Or 2001 So Rare?

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"Almost all scifi movies are also action or suspense movies. It's one of those things we sort of get used to, but why does it have to be? What is it about the future, or space, or technological advancements, or plagues, that requires fighting or threats? Well, maybe plagues. But maybe some of this is just because of the general atmosphere of guyness around scifi." — Globality's Film Blog.


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Annalee Newitz

I love Primer, and I also love action movies. Futuristic war movies are among my favorites. I don't think this is a "guy thing," I think it's just that we live in a warlike culture today and when we imagine the future we find it difficult to believe there will ever be a time after war. Even some of the fiercest feminist science fiction writers focus on war! Ever read Joanna Russ' mind-blowing book "The Female Man"? Filled with war.