Why are Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler competing for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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Jon Favreau might not longer be directing the Iron Man movies, but his role in Iron Man 3 is bigger than ever. An original Replicant confirms she's been approached about Ridley Scott's Blade Runner sequel. Plus more serious carnage can be expected on The Walking Dead!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Walking Dead.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios is reportedly reaching out to the representatives for, of all people, Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler to find out whether they might be available for a role in this upcoming space opera. There's no word yet on which role or roles they might be under consideration for, but the obvious answer would probably be the voice of Rocket Raccoon, as the character will almost certainly will be a CGI creation. In any event, whatever role Carrey and Sandler are up for, it's rather understandably expected to be a comic relief role. Meanwhile, three more actors have reportedly read for the main role of Peter Quill, otherwise known as Star Lord: American Beauty and The Hunger Games actor Wes Bentley, Veronica Mars recurring costar Chris Lowell, and Twilight's Cam Gigandet. [Latino Review]


Iron Man 3

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says erstwhile director Jon Favreau has his biggest on-camera role yet as Happy Hogan:

"This is by far the biggest part that Happy has had in any of the films. He's just great in this. When you put Jon in front of the camera, he tends to steal every scene he's in, just by reading the scripted lines, but also by going off-book and ad-libbing with the best of them. He's got some amazing scenes that he steals. But there's a deeper storyline for Happy in this one, and more of a connection with Tony. The movie goes into why they've been friends for all these years."

He also confirmed that Favreau had some behind-the-scenes input in the film, very much at the behest of new writer-director Shane Black:

"It was wonderful for Shane, because he had Favreau right there, sitting next to him. Shane was not shy about going over and asking Jon questions, whether it was as simple as, 'How do I navigate this giant green screen?' Or if it was a question about the character and the franchise. Jon is incredibly gracious and incredibly conscious with other filmmakers to not step on their toes. At the same time, he gives advice and input when he's asked. It's been a pleasure having Favreau involved. It feels like a natural evolution and a natural continuation of the storyline, even behind-the-scenes, in the making of the movie. It's not a right turn from where we started."


[MTV Splash Page]

Thor: The Dark World

Lost alum Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje reveals his initial reaction to learning he would be playing Kurse, a villainous Dark Elf:

"When I was first approached about the role, I was a little confused, because my perception of an elf was a dwarf, and I thought, ‘This is interesting - are they going to morph me into this dwarf character?' But, actually, It's a very interesting take on a dark elf: this creature who is dark because he comes from a dark world. I can't tell you that much, but I can tell you Marvel are going all-out to really give this character an incredible visual impact. It's exciting for me, not just as an actor, but as a guy."


[Comic Book Movie]

Sif actress Jaime Alexander says she doesn't know if she will be back for subsequent Thor films but considers it a decent possibility:

"I think they keep it secret mostly because they know that we might slip and accidentally say something. I think it's no secret that Marvel tries to make as many films as they can, so that possibility of there being a third installment of Thor is a strong possibility — I mean, we've seen it over and over again — but, we still don't know. And like with this one, I was told for certain that it was happening about a month before I flew here. I mean, it's like you know it's happening, but they won't really confirm it until the last possible minute. So, I know when to start lifting weights. I do it two or three months ahead of time now so I don't have to overdo it. But I'm like, ‘I know it's coming around at about this time, so let me start lifting weights again!'"

With Thor: The Dark World set to explore the Nine Realms, will we get to see more of Sif?
You do! You do get to see more Sif. A little bit more of everyone, I think, as it stands right now. Of course, you never know what can happen in the editing room, but we do explore Asgard quite a lot, and also some of the other realms that maybe you didn't know of...


[Total Film]

Elsewhere, Alexander reveals that, although no one ever asks her about this, she might well share some scenes with Natalie Portman's Jane Foster. Here's the video interview with her below. [Bleeding Cool]

Man of Steel

Zack Snyder's Superman movie has, as one really could have just assumed, reportedly been given a PG-13 rating "for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language." [Spinoff Online]


Blade Runner Sequel

Sean Young, who played the almost entirely human replicant Rachel in Blade Runner, confirms she's been approached about returning to the role for Ridley Scott's planned follow-up:

Well, I did meet with Alcon, the company that owns it and is planning to do the remake with Ridley. I did meet with them, but I think at that point they just wanted to meet me and I don't think they have any plans of using any of the original people, although I can't say for sure. I do think, let me just say it right here, I do think it would be a disappointment to the audience not to have Rachel in it but you know what, folks in Hollywood make mistakes all the time.

I guess depending on your interpretation of the film, she might have only lasted four years.
Oh no, in the interpretation I'm the one that has no end date. I'm the one that rides off in the car with him at the end that has no end date. I'm Nexus-7, not Nexus-6.


[Crave Online]

Warm Bodies

Here's a sneak peek clip. [Coming Soon]

Oz the Great and Powerful

Here's a video spotlighting the role of the three witches in Sam Raimi and James Franco's Wizard of Oz prequel.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Star Gemma Arteron discusses what's going on inside the mind of her title character (Gretel, not Hansel, in case you haven't read this particular fairy tale recently) as well as the function of the recent reshoots:

ARTERTON: She's very damaged, both of the kids are; they've grown up emotionally scarred by what happened to them when they were kids. She has developed this tough exterior, though inside, she's a delicate little flower and very vulnerable. But she's not to be messed with; she's fearless, and doesn't take any nonsense from anybody. She's more the brains behind the operation, and Hansel's the brawn and the humor, though Gretel does have a good sense of humor too; it's just not so outward.

Would you say the movie has more of a fairy-tale spirit, or a tone more akin to modern action films?
I think it has got a fairy-tale spin to it. It vacillares between many different genres: horror, comedy, action…adventure is maybe the best word to describe it. But the fairy-tale element in this fantasy world is very prevalent, and not to be mistaken for a typical action movie.

HANSEL & GRETEL's release was delayed for nearly a year. Did you go back and do any reshoots during that period?
We did; there were a couple of things. We had quite a lot of time, and there were a lot of little moments that we didn't manage to get while we were shooting, so we thought, "Why not use this time?" Little bits and bobs, so that was good. It was just character things between Jeremy and I. We shot a little bit in the [California] desert, actually, because we couldn't get to do that in Germany, and it was actually good to revisit it.


There's more at the link. [Fangoria]

Jack the Giant Slayer

Here's a TV spot.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Snake Eyes actor D.J. Cortuda summarizes everything the film has to offer:

The great thing about this is that, while it's all G.I. Joe, we have two really great stories underneath. You have the strong, hardcore military stuff with all the things you want to see and much more and then Snake Eyes' journey is kind of separate in the beginning. It goes much further into his individual journey and everything you would want to see there," said Cotrona. "But they do come together in a really cool way in the second part of the film towards the end. They all kind of merge together. It's really cool. You almost get three movies. You get the hardcore military G.I. Joe thing. You get a really amazing Snake Eyes action-based ninja acrobatic amazing fight thing and then they come together. Everybody mixes it up together.



The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2

Here's a sneak peek at the second half of the animated DVD adaptation of Frank Miller's seminal comics story. This particular clip spotlights the Joker, as played by the great Michael Emerson. [Coming Soon]

The Walking Dead

Co-executive producer Greg Nicotero all but confirms there will be more major character deaths before the end of the season:

"We've established a certain scenario on our show where nobody is safe — and certainly in the back-half of our season, it doesn't get easy for anybody. We have the whole Woodbury community with the Governor [David Morrissey] and our principal cast. We'll probably end our season minus a cast member or two. [The fight] moves around a lot. It's very possible there might be another attack on Woodbury. The beauty is you're not confined to one location, even though we spend a lot of our season at Woodbury or the prison. The bottom line is that we've established the conflict between the Governor and Rick, and we'll explore that a lot more in the second half."


And costar Laurie Holden explains Andrea's growing internal conflict:

"Andrea's eyes are now opening; she had no idea that Rick and the others were still alive. Now she's learning that the group is not only alive but that one of her friends has been captured by the man she's been romantically involved with. Her head is exploding. Andrea has a really good sense of character, and she loves Rick's group. She doesn't know they're at the prison, so she's got a lot of catching up to do. But I can guarantee you that what she does, her heart is in the right place... It's not so easy [for her to help Daryl]; she is in a town where it's guarded and the Governor has men who have disarmed everybody. Woodbury almost becomes a cage, like its own prison, in the second part of the season. Andrea is going to do anything and everything she can to protect the people she loves."


[Spinoff Online]

Person of Interest

Episode seventeen is reportedly called Proteus, and "some of it will take place on Owen Island, where a storm is taking place." [SpoilerTV]



Episode seventeen will reportedly be called "One Angry Fuchsbau." [SpoilerTV]


Here's the description for the two-hour second season premiere, "Event Horizon"/"Closer":


Season Two of TOUCH picks up right where Season One left off - with Kiefer Sutherland's character, MARTIN, on the run with his son, JAKE (David Mazouz). Martin is determined to keep Jake safe from those who want to exploit his supernatural abilities, but Jake is on a mission of his own - to find the elusive Amelia (Saxon Sharbino). When Jake leads Martin to Los Angeles and to Amelia's mother, LUCY ROBBINS (Maria Bello), these three form an ad hoc family, searching for the girl who may be the key to understanding Jake's abilities. Factoring into the unfolding equation is the genius of Aster Corps., CALVIN NORBURG (Lukas Haas), who's on the verge of making a career-defining discovery, as well as the extreme religious zealot GUILLERMO ORTIZ (Said Taghmaoui), who stops at nothing to attain his vision. As ominous connections appear, Martin remains determined to uncover a global conspiracy in order to protect his family and save the lives of the innocent in the special two-hour Season Two premiere episode of TOUCH.



[gallery 5978473] And here are some promo photos for these first two episodes. [SpoilerTV]


American Horror Story

Creator Ryan Murphy says he wants Taissa Farmiga, who played Violet Harmon in the first season, to return for the third season in a big way:

"I missed her this season. There wasn't really a role for her. I feel very protective of her and I didn't want her to go back into the loony bin — it was too dark. So I thought well ‘I want Taissa to be one of the leads next year.' I called her up and pitched her the character for the season and she loved it and she said, ‘Yes let's do it.' So we're in negotiations for her to headline season 3."



Being Human (UK)

The fifth series will kick off at 10:00 pm on Sunday, February 3 on BBC Three. [SpoilerTV]


Lost Girl

Here are some promo photos from episode four, "Fae-de To Black." [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.


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Sandler and Carrey are horrible choices for Rocket Racoon as neither can do a proper British accent. If they can't get someone like, say, Jason Statham then they should at least use the voice actor they used in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.