Why Are All These Physicists in a Weird Creationist Documentary?

WTF? A bunch of reputable physicists like Lawrence Krauss, and actress Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager), are featured a documentary called The Principle, about how the Earth really is at the center of the solar system. How did this happen?


Over at Not Even Wrong, Peter Woit wondered if maybe they had been tricked:

The person behind this is Robert Sungenis, a bizarre figure with extreme religious views. He holds a Ph.D from an institution located in Vanuatu, and is an advocate of the idea of "geocentrism", the idea that the Catholic church was right, and scientists since Galileo have got it all wrong (see his web-site Galileo Was Wrong) ...

As near as I can tell from all this, without having yet seen the full film, it appears that what probably happened is the following. Sungenis decided that the anthropic principle business in cosmology supported his views, so he went and got physicists like Kaku, Krauss and Tegmark to say silly things on camera, then edited this to suit his case. Maybe the trailer is misleading, and these people actually make a cogent case against Sungenis's nonsense and for solid science, we'll see…


Shortly after the trailer came out in January, Krauss tweeted that the movie was "nonsense." It doesn't seem like he and his colleagues were tricked, but I am still extremely curious to know how exactly Sungenis got all these high-profile people to appear in his crazy documentary.

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[h/t Adam Troy Castro]

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And the dude does realize that by rejecting heliocentrism, he is technically committing a heresy from a Catholic standpoint?