Why Alice Ain't Married Anymore

I adored Resident Evil: Extinction, the third in the series of movies starring Milla Jovovich as the bio-engineered, satellite-controlled ninja Alice. She has to fight evil computers, plus all the zombies created by a virus that's escaped from the evil R&D mad science outfit Umbrella Corporation. But to fully appreciate why Alice is so badass, you have to go back to the first Resident Evil movie and watch her throw off the shackles of the man she's been programmed to love.

I've got two short clips for you here. One comes as the movie begins, after Alice's mind has been wiped by a chemical released by the AI running Umbrella. She starts to remember her "past" in little bits as she enters the Umbrella complex to find out what's gone wrong. There's this early, creepy moment where she remembers that she was supposedly married, but her wedding ring is "property of Umbrella corporation," which makes it seem as if her marriage memories are just implants to keep her in line. So in the second scene, towards the end of the flick, we discover her "husband" is one of the bad guys, and she has to get rid of him with her rediscovered superpowers. This scene is the ultimate breakup moment. Now you know why Alice has serious relationship baggage. [Resident Evil via IMDB]


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Luke O'Neil

I imagine they're pretty good from what everyone says, but I think it's way too late to go back and play old games on old platforms. I suppose I would play a new one if it was good enough, although I tend to be really picky with my game choices, and they're few and far between.