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We’re finally getting superhero movies and TV shows that live up to the wonder and thrill of comics. But despite a few really great bad guys, supervillains still aren’t getting their due. A lot of baddies are just kind of... there. But who’s the weakest supervillain of all time?


Please include a picture, comics panel, clip, poster or other image for your chosen supervillain. And please mention his/her name, where he/she appears, and why he/she is weak. Thanks!

Top image: Anarky, from the Batman comics. There are other weak supervillains, but Anarky seems especially inept. There’s the impractical, ridiculous costume, with that silly hat and shiny mask, plus the long flowy robes (or cape in the New 52). There’s the fact that Anarky is sort of a graffiti artist, sort of a hacker, sort of a mad bomber, and he never really seems to have any plans that give Batman a run for his money. He’s a vaguely Occupy Wall Street protester, but his goals always seem kind of vague. Down with Anarky!


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