Who's the secret Chairman of the Adjustment Bureau?

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Want to know who was the mysterious Chairman that controlled the Adjustment Bureau in George Nolfi's new film? So did we — so we asked the director and got a few more clues to this person's identity.


He also explained why all the members of the Adjustment Bureau are men. Spoilers ahead!

Last week, we ran our exclusive Nolfi interview, but that's not all we got from this director. After watching his movie translation of Philip K. Dick's story we had to wonder — where did all the Adjustment Bureau women go? His answered revealed a whole lot more than we expected!

I didn't see any female Adjustment Bureau employees. Do women work at the Adjustment Bureau?

George Nolfi:The original conception in the script was that you would meet the Chairman, and that the Chairman would be a woman. It would be in female form. So I went down the path of an all male Adjustment Bureau, because I wanted it to be a surprise in the end. But I came to feel as I was shooting the movie and after I shot that scene, that is was a mistake to go that way a bit. I needed to leave it open to people with various beliefs about what a Chairman would be, so they could put their own beliefs into it. I was very conscious of making an Adjustment Bureau that was conscious of all of the nationalities and cultures of the world.

What actress did you cast to play the Chairman?

Nolfi: It's her choice whether she wants people to know or not.

We haven't been able to uncover who this mysterious actresses is yet, but at least now we can debunk the "Jon Stewart is the Chairman" rumors circulating. So any speculations as to which lovely Hollywood lady got to play the movie's version of God?




You know, showing the Chair(wo)man would actually have been a nice grace note. It's not actually necessary to resolve the plot, at all, but

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