Who's the greatest movie director of all time?

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Science fiction and fantasy movies depend on amazing visuals and canny storytelling to carry you along — and certain directors are just brilliant at pulling you into their strange worlds. But who's the greatest director, living or dead, of fantastical movies?


Please include a film still or clip that illustrates why your chosen director is such a mastermind. Thanks!

Top image: Stanley Kubrick on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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My top award would have to go to Miyazaki.

Without fail the only director that I can think of that has done more then a couple genre movies that have ALL been great. His impact has been enormous and he's really helped make anime movies more legitimate. I remember my mother always considering my love of anime as a kids thing... and then she came with me to see Spirited Away in the theaters and adored it. Really made her think more highly of anime. And to anyone who would ignore him due to animation, you really should compare good animation to the bad and see how important a good director really is.

For live action its a little harder...

I love Legend, Alien and Blade Runner, so maybe Ridley Scott? But then Prometheus was only okay and most of his stuff hasn't been scifi... Going by just his scifi/fantasy stuff his track record though is great.

I'd also like to say Mel Brooks. Sure most of his stuff isn't scifi/fantasy, but I still love Spaceballs, and Young Frankenstein is undoubtedly a classic... It's hard to do really great funny genre stuff. So no one should forget him!

Or maybe Stanley Kubrick? Hmm... I won't deny his being a great director, but I can't say the best because personally while I like some of his movies, almost none of them to I love to watch. Certainly none of them make me happy to watch, with the only exception being Spartacus....

Steven Spielberg? Let's just say there has been a definite... decline... in his work. But JUST between Jurassic Park and the Indiana Jones movies, you know.. the good ones, he has to be really up there. Personally I'm not a huge fan of ET, but it's certainly a nostalgic love for a lot of people. And Close Encounters was great too...

James Cameron? Terminator, Aliens, Abyss. Great movies. REALLY great. Adore them all. And as much as Avatar was meh... in terms of story, it certainly looked pretty... And can we all forget Piranhas Part Two: The Spawning? Seriously... can we?

And then there's Joss Whedon. Is he a questionable choice? Is he too popular right now? Hmm... His movie credits are small...really small... But he's certainly one of the few I look forward to seeing more from. I'm hoping to see TONS of scifi/fantasy movies from him in the future now that Hollywood likes him. Not the greatest. I mean how can he be? He's directed like three movies. That's silly, I think he'd say the same.

In the end the answer is clear. There are a lot of GREAT movies, great Science Fiction or Fantasy movies made by some great directors. But there clearly isn't a greatest of all time because no one director has just made great movies, or has just made great genre ones... For everyone it's gonna be a question of personal taste. If Alien is your favourite science fiction movie, then you're gonna say Ridley Scott, while your friend who thinks Aliens is better is gonna argue for Cameron.

Let's all just agree that there's no winner...

except for Hayao Miyazaki of course :)