Who's the bestselling author of all time on the Kindle?

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The Hunger Games isn't just on its way to be a huge new hit movie — it's also confirming that Suzanne Collins is a huge literary powerhouse in her own right. And in the wake of Hunger Games fever, it's been revealed that Collins is actually the top selling author of all time on the Amazon Kindle. She became only the fourth author to sell one million ebooks, but now she's overtaken all the other authors to become the Kindle's undisputed champion.


This news comes via Slashdot, which also points out that 29 out of the 100 most highlighted passages on the Kindle come from the Hunger Games trilogy. Especially the recently highlighted passages, which are almost all from Collins.

In other Hunger Games news, John Scalzi explains why YA novels are so Hollywood-friendly. Also, Centives examines what game theory says about surviving in the Hunger Games. And Collins talks to the Guardian, including this great quote about what she hopes people will get out of her books:

I want them to ask themselves questions about how elements of the book might be relevant in their own lives, such as, 'How do you feel about the fact that some people take their next meal for granted when so many other people are starving? What's your relationship to reality TV versus your relationship to the news?'


How much of that is accounted for by the fact that for a while (I don't know if it still is), Hunger Games was available for free as your 1 book/month for Amazon Prime membership? If it's any significant fraction, it'd be a great argument for more publishers making the first book of series' available by that means.