Right now, Iron Man has the #1 movie in America. But is he the superhero who best exemplifies the inventive spirit of American science and engineering? Or is that Batman, whose Batsuit and nearly limitless supply of gadgets are a constant inspiration?

Image via Salvation Ink.

Over at the Washington Post's innovation blog, they were wondering this the other day:

But is Iron Man really the superhero of choice for the innovation set?... What about Batman? He’s rich, smart and fueled by an almost singular desire to fight crime, and boy does he have an arsenal of creative tech at his disposal. Granted, Bruce Wayne doesn’t tinker with the technology himself, at least not to the extent Stark does. That damages his chances of unseating Stark as the innovation superhero of choice. But sometimes even financial backers are key to great innovation. Think venture capitalists and angel investors — people with means and a shared passion or common goal.


Whose tech is more inventive? And who's better at problem-solving in a tough spot? And does it matter that Batman doesn't invent all his own gear himself? It's an interesting question to consider.

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