Who's Responsible For No Star Trek At Comic-Con, Really?

Much to everyone's surprise, yesterday's Fringe panel - featuring Star Trek director JJ Abrams and Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman - didn't include a special sneak preview of next summer's reboot of Space and The Final Frontier. It's not that any such preview had been announced (just the opposite, in fact), but that's not stopping some insiders from calling conspiracy anyway.


Seriously, people: Abrams had even complained about the fact that Paramount wouldn't let him show anything two weeks ago. Did you really think he was joking? Still, Entertainment Weekly suggests that the lack of the hoped-for-despite-everything footage ) might have had something to do with the people behind Fringe:

For days, there had been lots of buzz that executive producers J.J. Abrams (pictured), Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman were going to use the panel to debut a few minutes from Trek (which was directed by Abrams and written by Orci and Kurtzman, and is set for release next May). Zachary Quinto, who plays a young Spock in the new movie was even in attendance. But almost 40 minutes into the session, it seemed certain that Abrams had no intention of unveiling the much-anticipated footage, despite comments from insiders around him who said he actually had three minutes from Trek ready to debut... So what happened? One key source says Fox, the network that will air Fringe, may have nixed Abrams' plan at the very last minute (a Fox spokesman could not be reached late Saturday).

Now, I've got no problem with people blaming Fox for things that are, you know, actually their fault, but this is kind of ridiculous. We'd been told, more than once, that Paramount was going to have no presence here at Comic-Con and not show any footage from their upcoming movies. We've had JJ himself complain about that decision. It's not like we've been given any inclination that Paramount was joking around, and that they were ready to let something slip, and that it's a completely other studio that ruined everything... Sometimes a phaser is just a phaser, media people.

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